Scottish Conservation Studio

We are a multidisciplinary team of specialist conservators. Our services help you preserve and care for your heirlooms, objects of art and heritage. They may be so damaged and deteriorated that you cannot lift them without them falling apart. Or they may suffer from disfiguring scratches, creases, tears or holes, be crushed, suffer from corrosion or deteriorating repairs - the list goes on.

We tailor our conservation approach to your needs and those of objects in your care. With our qualifications and years of experience in working for museums and others we are able to:

  • Analyse why your objects have deteriorated or become damaged,
  • make your objects safe to handle,
  • improve the look of your objects,
  • treat and mount your objects for display and storage,
  • advise and coach you on the preventive care of objects, and
  • support plans for building projects that involve caring for collections of heritage objects,

Our clients include leading heritage and cultural organisations such as The National Galleries of Scotland, The National Museums of Scotland, Historic Scotland, The National Trust for Scotland, Scottish Parliament and Museums Galleries Scotland. We work for all types and sizes of museums, historic houses, galleries, archives, churches, local history associations, private collectors and other conservation businesses all over Scotland and beyond. We are also one the Heritage Lottery Fund's Expert Advisers for museum, library and archive projects.