The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust

The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust was established in 1966. It supports projects relating to the arts, the environment, children, and disability. It has a particular, but not exclusive interest in applications from Scotland.

For the past 15 years the Trustees have made an annual donation to Museums Galleries Scotland (formerly The Scottish Museums Council) to be spent on projects relating to the conservation and preservation of works of art on paper, primarily in smaller independent museums.

Projects that have received funding in the past have included paper conservation treatments, surveys of paper collections, collection care projects, and coaching and training of staff in the care of paper and photo collections. An amount of money is ring-fenced each year to run a training day on the care of paper and photograph collections at a small museum location.

Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) select recipients of the grant, and administer the applications. The applicants must be full members of MGS. Applications are submitted to MGS through their ‘Small Grants Scheme’, which has four deadlines a year. Member museums can apply for up to 100% of the total project cost, up to a maximum of £2,000.

It is a condition of the donation to MGS that all work is undertaken by The Scottish Conservation Studio LLP. Before applying to MGS you need to discuss your proposal with Helen Creasy, our Paper and Photograph Conservator. She can help you plan the project, and provide a formal estimate to present with a grant application to MGS. Please phone or email to discuss a project that you have in mind.

The Museums Galleries Scotland website has details of how to apply to the Small grants scheme.