The Award for Conservation 2007

Jacket on display A project to conserve and display a doublet (man's jacket) won The Scottish Conservation Studio the coveted national Award for Conservation in 2007.

Members of a family in Perthshire had stored the doublet for nearly 400 years. Some years ago they donated it to Perth Museum & Art Gallery. The Museum was able to date the extremely rare doublet to the 1620's.

Jacket before treatment Before conservation treatment the doublet was so fragile that it was impossible to lift it without damaging it. The treatment made it possible for Perth Museum & Art Gallery to display the doublet on a mannequin in an acclaimed exhibition.

Chair of the Judges of the Conservation Awards, Dame Liz Forgan, said:

'This conservation project had everything - a rare and beautiful object miraculously preserved, an immensely talented textile conservator who made it safe for display, and a museum curator whose enthusiasm has ensured a wonderfully informative exhibition. The doublet and its conservation have been shared with the public as well as preserved and protected.'