CAT download

We are pleased to offer the Condition Assessment Tool (CAT) for download. CAT was originally designed by the Scottish Museums Council as a tool to help museum staff and conservators to better assess collection condition and use the information generated more effectively, particularly for large projects involving many conservation assessors. Its features allow non-conservators to undertake basic assessments of collection condition with a little basic training and the agreement of the meaning of terms.

The CAT is made available by the kind permission of Museums Galleries Scotland. Please note you have to fill in the webform below in order to have a time-limited link sent to your email address.

You can download the older version of CAT which works in Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista, together with versions of Microsoft Access up to Access 2003.

The file includes the CAT installer, factsheets in PDF format, and help files in Word and PDF format.

You can also download an .exe file of the latest version of CAT (updated 2012) that should work with Windows 7 and more recent versions of Access. Please provide feedback to Will Murray at the Studio if you have difficulties installing or running this file - see our website enquiry form or email info [at]

For those who do not have Microsoft Access installed on their computers, the setup for the latest version of CAT allows you to download and install Access Runtime, a free version of Access made available by Microsoft, so that CAT can be run without the need to have MS Access or MS Office installed on your computer. This is also a useful option when MS Access is already installed, but declines to run CAT.

CAT is open source and users are welcome to modify it and make their modifications available to others.

Due to an unexplained surge in the number of downloads of the CAT in recent months we have been obliged to ask potential users to identify themselves by filling in the form below.

Once you have done that, you'll receive an email with a time-limited link to the files on this website, and you can download one or both versions of CAT, as you wish.